SMS Blaster

This sms blaster promote the “Advertising Discount,” promotional activities, new product release and other related information to the nearby customers’ mobile phones. The key point is that there is no need for a contact list , and nearby customers will continue to receive relevant information.

These innovations will create unlimited business opportunities for the company to establish a brand image or occupy the market, and also greatly reduce the advertising expenses for the company. The company adheres to the service concept of “customer once, partner lifetime”. The simultaneous development of technology and service is based on technological innovation and collaborative service as a business guide.

It seeks to advocate honest and pragmatic corporate quality. Through practice, summarization and innovation, it has established a complete process service guarantee system to help customers in mobile business communications.

The field of advertising media helps enterprises to develop; to grasp the market pulsation in depth, to create a customer company, and to create a win-win environment for employees.

I believe that in the near future, data will make everyone’s life better, more productive and more convenient.

Founder of Golden Legend Empire Sdn Bhd

Danny Thiang

  • Golden Global Empire, founded by Danny Thiang, was created to help companies grow and improve their effectiveness.
  • Saving money, SMS advertising marketing equipment, this new media was praised by the business community as “the most powerful fifth advertising media.”
  • It has one-to-one marketing with wide coverage and high precision.
  • It has strong directivity and low cost.
  • It is almost 100% accessible and is read by this mobile phone SMS advertising media.
  • It can also be called SMS group sending.
  • It has irreplaceable information transmission advantage accuracy and strong dissemination.
  • The advantage of machines that send unlimited amounts of messages and SMS advertisements is that they are fast and no extra cost.


History of SMS Blaster

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

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Version 8

Version 9

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Version 13

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